‚ÄčASSISTIVE DISABILITY SERVICES we will be responsible for looking after and protecting our Participants and families interests. We will also be carrying out strategic plans with support from family and practices for our Participants to achieve their goals. We are also responsible for ensuring that all services are in place.

We are instrumental in designing procedures and we ensure the highest quality and level of support will be met to each participant and their families and we will regularly provide feedback to Families/ Guardian. We also provide support with finalization of assessments, care plans and to ensure that all services are provided accordingly by NDIS plan we help with Plan review meetings and we make sure all feedback, evidence based approaches and delivery are supplied to the NDIS before the Plan meeting.

We also provide support coordinated care to recipients with manual or complex services proper client assessment of care plan and we deliver the services. Families/Guardians will know that we are delivering the correct services based on monitoring and progress reports every 2 weeks to families/Guardian. We will conduct our own observations and analysis to ensure that when new clients are selected ASSISTIVE DISABILITY SERVICES has sufficient care providers with required skill sets and assign them accordingly.